Tuition and Deadlines

Information on tuition and deadlines to apply for the Master of Supply Chain Management.

Below are tuition expenses and application deadlines for the Penn State Smeal Master of Supply Chain Management.


  • Tuition: Tuition rates are assessed every semester of enrollment.
    Fee for 2020/21: $1,121 per credit*

    *includes information technology fee

  • Note: Starting with the Spring 2020 semester, Penn State will eliminate the information technology fee as a separate line item on the student bill and instead incorporate the fee as part of the tuition rate. This action will not impact overall cost.

    If you plan to pay for your degree with federal and/or private student loans, please contact the World Campus Office of Student Aid at for additional information as to how the academic sequence of this program affects aid processing and your in-school deferment.


The spring application deadline is November 1.  

The fall application deadline is June 15. This includes:

  • First year master's degree applicants

Applications received after June 15 cannot be assured full consideration.

Students currently enrolled in the Graduate Certificate Program;

  • Applying for the master's degree (certificate requirements must be completed by the end of the summer semester of that same year)
  • Graduates of the certificate program; applying for the master's degree

Application deadline is May 15. This includes:

Applications received after May 15 cannot be assured full consideration.

Admission Decisions

Students applying to the MSCM Program must be admitted by both the program and the Graduate School at Penn State. The Graduate School will notify the applicant whether or not they meet the Graduate School requirement for a degree.

Please note, however that acceptance to the Graduate School is not the same as acceptance to the MSCM Program. Separate correspondence will be sent from the MSCM Program office, indicating whether or not an applicant has been accepted to the program.