Information on the online curriculum for the Master of Professional Studies in Supply Chain Management (MPS/SCM) from the Penn State Smeal College of Business.

With a curriculum grounded in proven theory, best business practices, and emerging innovation, the online Master of Professional Studies in Supply Chain Management (MPS/SCM) from the Penn State Smeal College of Business enables students to examine supply chain processes, manage information technology enabled logistics, and craft supply chain strategies. Graduates will be prepared to design and lead the future's most effective supply chains.

Technology research firm Gartner, Inc. ranks Penn State's undergraduate and graduate program in supply chain management No. 1 based on industry value, program size, and program scope.

The MPS/SCM Program spans the typical academic calendar across fall, spring, and summer semesters. Courses are taught entirely online with the exception of the required one-time, four-day residency on Penn State's University Park campus in July following the first year of courses.

In order to maximize your time, we require just one intensive, four-day residential experience on Penn State's University Park campus. University Park, located adjacent to the town of State College, is within driving distance of major regional business hubs and a five-minute drive to University Park Airport, which offers daily connecting flights to major hubs including Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Washington/Dulles.

First Year

Semester Course Name Credits Course
Fall Supply Chain Management 4 credits SCM 800
Fall Supply Chain Performance Metrics & Financial Analysis 1 credit SCM 801
Spring Supply Management 2 credits SCM 822
Spring Manufacturing & Service Operations Planning 2 credits SCM 842
Spring Business Ethics 1 credit BA 803
Summer Demand Fulfillment 2 credits SCM 812

*Because the 12-credit Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management consists of the first year courses of the master's program, you may also apply for the certificate if you would like to add this quality credential to your transcript even before you complete the full master’s degree.

Four-Day Residency at University Park

Supply Chain Analysis (SCM 530), taken at the end of the first year of courses, includes a required four-day residency on the Penn State University Park campus, typically in the second half of July. The residency includes a challenging experiential supply chain simulation as well as the opportunity for face-to-face fellowship among students and faculty to conclude the first year of the program.

Second Year

Semester Course Name Credits Course
Summer Supply Chain Analysis 3 credits, includes 4-day residency SCM 530
Fall Strategic Procurement** 4 credits SCM 824
Fall Global Manufacturing & Service Operations** 4 credits SCM 844
Fall Topics in Supply Chain Management** 4 credits SCM 846
Fall Research Topics 1 credit SCM 594
Spring Supply Chain Design & Strategy 4 credits SCM 850
Spring Research Topics 1 credit SCM 594
Summer Supply Chain Transformation & Innovation 4 credits SCM 860
Summer Research Topics 1 credit SCM 594

**Elective courses: choose one (course numbers/titles may be modified)

Group Projects

MPS/SCM Program courses, other than the professional paper, will include small group collaborative projects as a means of fostering interaction and building a learning community among the students. These projects are also meant to simulate the typical working environments of business, military, government, and non-profits where individuals frequently work in small, interdisciplinary teams to solve problems or assess situations.