Employers of Master of Professional Studies in Supply Chain Management Students

An overview of employer benefits for the Penn State Smeal Master of Professional Studies in Supply Chain Management.

The participation of your emerging leader offers enormous benefits for the sponsoring firm. Practical and applicable insights from student-completed, company-focused projects; business knowledge from a top research university to help address your critical supply chain challenges; and succession preparation as the student gains the necessary skills to assume greater responsibility in your organization are just a few of the advantages.

Smeal ranks No. 1 in supply chain education according to Gartner, Inc., and Penn State World Campus ranks among the top 5 providers of online graduate business programs according to US News and World Report.

Applicable Course Work 

Classes are structured to provide students with the opportunity to address problems, challenges, and tactical situations your firm faces daily, and bring new knowledge to work on Monday morning. In the second year, students choose between a professional paper or advanced topics option that can work in the context of their own organization.

  • For the professional paper, students develop a research proposal, conduct an inquiry and write a report to include findings, conclusions, and recommendations. Students are encouraged to develop a research topic in consultation with senior managers in their place of employment. A faculty member advises each student through the process and evaluates the quality of interim and final products for rigor, completeness, and clarity.
  • The advanced topics option explores emerging supply chain topics and outliers outside the traditional supply chain management curricula that can directly benefit your company. Past topics include blockchain, the business case for additive manufacturing, supply chain robotics, and autonomous trucking.

Stronger Employees

The Penn State experience aids in succession planning. Identify and train future leaders of the firm from within and save time and money spent on recruiting, hiring, and training.

  • Employees continue working while obtaining their master’s. Skills learned are immediately applicable on the job, providing your company with a better employee in real time.
  • Our curriculum and program focus create a more confident, motivated leader who will be prepared to design and lead the future’s most effective supply chains.

Networking Opportunities

Within Penn State and Smeal, students have the opportunity to build powerful connections with a network of peers, faculty, and alumni.

  • Employees attend class and connect to supply chain peers from around the world who bring years of working experience into the virtual classroom. Via group projects and discussions, students gain new and valuable insights about the supply chain issues others are confronting in their organizations.
  • All classes are taught by internationally ranked Penn State Smeal faculty. Our faculty offer a wealth of knowledge and industry expertise. They are accomplished researchers, authors, and teachers with extensive experience working with professional students in online environments.
  • Penn State has the largest alumni association in the country. By earning a master’s through our online supply chain program, students instantly become connected to a network totaling more than 670,000 Penn State alumni worldwide.

Corporate Benefits

There are a number of ways we work directly with companies in the admission process to save your organization time and money. Contact us today so that someone from our program can discuss your unique case.